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The Apostle is a story of self-discovery and self-determination, not only for the main character, but also for those whose lives he touches. A figure of mysterious origins and equally mysterious powers, for untold ages, the Apostle has been content for sit on the sidelines of life, serving as only a chronicler of events and guardian of knowledge. But a chance encounter with a young woman changes his outlook, with possibly dangerous and far reaching implications.

The Apostle stems from my interest in mythology, history, and the occult. I have always been interested in beings with supernatural powers attempting to influence and direct the lives of "ordinary" human beings (something that is a common occurrence in Greek and Roman mythology) and the way that this interference contrasts and conflicts with many contemporary ideas of free will and self-determination.

The Apostle has had a long road of evolution and transformation before eventually becoming the character presented to you here. The earliest incarnations of an Apostle archetype character actually germinated back in the early 1980s when I was in 7th or 8th grade with the creation of a character I called "The Sorcerer", who was essentially an amalgamation of DC's "The Spectre" and "Dr. Fate". Around 1991, after I graduated college, I revisited this idea, with a character called "The Prodigy", who was a teenaged high-school boy blessed with the powers of an ancient God (my ideas were surprisingly similar to the DC/Vertigo title "Books of Magic", which was published a few years later, running from 1994 - 2000). In the late 1990s, the first version of "The Apostle" was born. He was a much younger looking, streetwise, trenchcoat and fedora wearing supernatural vigilante inspired by the look and mysteriousness of DC's "The Phantom Stranger". In 2000 "The Apostle" morphed again when I began collaborating with my friend David Harrigan (www.artassassin.com) whom I had originally tapped to be the artist for this story. At this point, we had decided to begin him as a weak and elderly figure whose powers had waned from neglect and disassociation from the world, but who would eventually be "re-energized" into a more contemporary "super-hero" type figure as he reinvested himself in the world around him. Dave and I worked together for about four months on the project, coming up with character designs and fleshing out storylines before the project once again faded out. In the beginning of 2005, I once again revived "The Apostle" idea, deciding to retain the visage of him as an old man -- a deceptive appearance, but appropriate considering his origins pre-date mankind as we know it. This is the version of the "The Apostle" presented to you here today ...








The Gargoyle is a character created by my friend Richard A. Johnson over at Rattrap Productions (http://rattrap-productions.com). All of the Gargoyle stories presented here have been written by Rich and illustrated by me.

Inspired by classic pulp detective/vigilante stories such as "The Shadow", "The Phantom Detective" and "The Spider", as well as more contemporary pulp fare, such as "Frank Miller's Sin City", The Gargoyle is the protagonist for a series of pulp-fiction style miniature games (http://pulp-heroes.com). Originally conceived as part of a marketing campaign, the comic strips have since become just another outlet for pulp fiction inspired drama.

Complete with typical pulp characters: the hard-boiled detective, mob bosses and henchmen, the mad scientist, and, of course, the mysterious vigilante, presented in an old-fashioned newspaper strip style, "The Gargoyle" is full of pulp style action and adventure. Sit back and enjoy the ride ...

All strips/episodes on this site are archived only after originally appearing on Pulp-Heroes.com where new episodes are posted every two weeks.







"HARBINGERS" mixes politics and religion in the not-so-distant future where the War On Terrorism has gone truly global and Post-Apocalyptic. As civilization and governments as we know them have been replaced by military cabals and roaming bands of terrorist militias, a secret religious sect vies for power and seeks to recruit the Harbinger of the prophesied Last Days as the Second Coming draws near. The problem? That Harbinger is the leader of an anti-terrorist unit of the US Army and pilots of the military’s newest high tech weapon: Cyber-Integrated Battle Armor.

The storyline picks up in the midst of this seemingly never-ending conflict and follows the path of Allihya Jasmine Muhammad (commonly referred to as "Jazz"). Ms Muhammad is a Major in the US Army and the field commander of a prototype unit attached to the US Third Armored Division. This unit utilizes prototype military equipment called CIBA (Cyber-Integrate Battle Armor) which are 40 foot high, highly lethal, armored attack vehicles (somewhat inspired by the "Sentinels" of Marvel's "X-Men"). As a Muslim-American, she has a complex relationship with her faith (Muslims being depicted as the enemy in the "War On Terrorism"), the country of her birth (the USA), and her job (as a Major in the US Army and field commander of the anti-terrorist CIBA unit). To further complicate her life, Jazz discovers that a major terrorist leader is also the Imam of a secret Islamic sect who believes that she is the Harbinger of the Last Days which precede the Second Coming ...

As of this date, I have the first three issues of "Harbingers" completely scripted. I am currently soliciting the scripts and story idea to various comic companies, seeking both a publisher as well as an artist for this project.







Conceived of multiple inspirations (such as the comics "Batman", "The Punisher" and "Wolverine", the TV show "Alias", as well as the "Bourne Identity" movies), "CODENAME: RAPTOR" takes place in the present day and follows the tale of a thirty-something delivery driver as his world is turned upside down by a secret Black-Ops organization. When his wife and daughter are killed by agents in pursuit of him, he is forced to run for his life, not knowing why he has become a hunted target. The story follows his trail as he searches for clues, eventually uncovering a secret previous life as a secret government Black-Ops assassin. However, other dangers arise as he discovers that not only his own government is trying to kill him, but agents from other clandestine organizations around the world are trying to either kill or capture him as well. What makes him so special to be so hunted? With enemies coming at him from seemingly every corner of the globe, where can he turn?

As of this date, I have the first two issues of "Codename: Raptor " completely scripted. I am currently soliciting the scripts and story idea to various comic companies, seeking both a publisher as well as an artist for this project.